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The Alien Mafia has invaded the Earth, and by taking control of Hiko, you can prevent them from doing something evil!

Break the Blocks, Paint the Floors and Defeat the Black Head henchmen to get through the 8 Levels, 2 Bonus Phases and the Final Boss of the Game! You can also play with your friend in co-op mode or face each other in competition mode!

Indicative classification: Free
Size: 35.8 MB
Players: 2
Category: Arcade
Instructions: W,A,S,D,G and H (1st player)
Format: Compressed File (ZIP)
Compatible Systems: Windows
Languages: English and Brazilian Portuguese
Contents: Cover, Application, Instruction Manual and Plugins.

Feel free to report bugs and suggest updates to the game!

Install instructions

You Just Need Download,Extract the ZIP file to a New Folder and Tada!Now You Can Play the Game!Don't delete the data.win,options and D3DX9_43 files!!


Hiko Labyrinth(USA) 35 MB
Hiko Labyrinth(BR) 35 MB

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